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Choosing the Perfect Bedding Set

In choosing the right mattress, you'll need to spend time trying different models
and you'll need to do some research. For more than 100 years, we have been producing and selling our bedding sets on location. Our clients trust our advice
and expertise, although we can not make the final decision as to what comfort is best for each individual. There is a theory that the lighter you are a cushioned surface is more comforting, yet that is not always the case. Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach...whether you use one or two pillows. If you are heavier in the shoulders or the hips, or a straight head to toe weight. All these variables make choosing the perfect mattress a time consuming, sometimes difficult purchase. The process of elimination works best, narrow down your choices, first by comfort,
then by the materials and price. Here are a few suggestions to consider in the beginning stages:
Pillow Top or No Pillow Top
All Foam or Innerspring Mattress
Natural Products or Synthetic Blends
Mattress & Box Spring Set or Mattress Only
Height of Each Piece: if you have a Complete Bed or Platform Bed
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